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Fun and easy coding courses that every child will love.

Let me try!

The coolest way to learn coding.

YOU++ enables kids to learn programming through interactive and self-paced coding courses.

As they solve funny missions and riddles, they get creative developing their own cards, quizzes and games – at home and in school.

Three Pillars of YOU++ Formula

What can you code?

How does it work?

YOU++ Platform Step 1

Choose a YOU++ World and start your coding mission...

YOU++ Platform Step 2

Learn how to code with guided tutorials and easy instructions...

YOU++ Platform Step 3

Enter your code into the command field...

YOU++ Platform Step 4

And get immediate feedback what your code produces...

YOU++ Platform Step 5

Personalize your creations or make new ones...

YOU++ Platform Step 6

Then share your projects with other YOUsers, your friends and family.